London Academy for Household Staff Training - FAQs

London Academy for Household Staff Training - FAQs

Below is a list of our most commonly asked questions. If you have a question that we haven’t answered, then please feel free to Contact Us direct and we will be delighted to help.

Which course is the best starting point?

Our Three Day Course for Butlers and Housekeepers is an excellent way of ensuring that your skills are of the standards required to deem you to be 'professional'. It is suitable for all levels: those who are new to private service, or for those who wish to update, refresh and validate their skills. We guarantee that everyone will learn!

London Academy for Household Staff Training - FAQsI can't take the time off when your courses are running, what can I do instead?

Try our Skills Sessions instead: we design a course for you, which is charged by the hour and takes place at a time to suit you, and only covers the topics which need covering. So if you just want to refresh your service at table, or want to learn how to turn a bed down in the evening, that's what we'll concentrate on!

How well known are the courses?

Our courses are well known amongst those in private service and are particularly loved for their dynamic, hands-on, intensive style. Students who have successfully completed the courses have gone into excellent jobs in private service and many staff who are already employed in private service attend the courses to gain professional validation and to update their skills. Our employers and students hold the courses and training in high regard and many of our students come on our courses after personal recommendations.

I'm just a cleaner. Why would I want to come on your course?

Our courses aim to endorse your professionalism in your chosen career. If you are professionally trained by an establishment such as ours you are no longer "just" anything, but a well-trained, confident professional who can make a real difference to the way you look after your client and the way you see yourself, as well as hugely broadening your employment prospects.

How can I reserve a place on a course?

Contact us and we'll send you a course registration form for you to fill in. Once we've received that, we'll invoice you for the fee, and upon receipt of payment, your place on the course is guaranteed, subject to minimum numbers. We accept cancellations up to 14 days before the course, but unfortunately after that date payments are not refundable.

Where do the courses take place?

Our Skills Sessions and one to one training can take place in a Central London venue such as a hotel or club, although that may incur an extra cost. Alternatively we can find a cosy corner of a coffee shop if that's appropriate. Courses take place in a private household near Crowborough, East Sussex, where we can make the most of working in a "real life" private home.

Do I have to have a good knowledge of private service to be accepted on the course?

No. We pride ourselves on differentiating our teaching to suit whatever level you come in at: whether you are new to the profession, or are an experienced "old hand", we will tailor our teaching to suit you.

What happens if I leave a three-day course after day one, will I get a refund?

Unfortunately not. Our refund policy is clearly outlined in our Terms and Conditions which can be obtained on request.

How many people are on the courses?

Our regular courses are held in a private house, and we keep numbers to a maximum of 10 per course.  This means that all students have an opportunity to get their sleeves rolled up and have a go at all the practical activities, as well as ask questions and seek advice and personal attention from our tutors.

To discuss numbers of students on Bespoke Courses, please Contact Us.

I don't speak good English. What is the language requirement?

Students need to have good spoken English, as the course is fast-paced and there is quite a lot of technical language used. Notes are provided in English. We have used interpreters on our tailor-made training for groups from overseas, at the client's expense.

I am shy and don't like talking. Will you make me talk?

Our aim is to make you feel confident in yourself in your profession, and we don't want to make anyone feel uncomfortable. That said, we do need you to show us that you can undertake essential duties such as answering a door or telephone, but we will guide you gently and sensitively, and we can guarantee you that everyone will be supportive.

What is the dress code for courses?

We ask our students to be dressed casually but smartly too - so no jeans.  You will be issued with an apron for the duration of the course.

I want my housekeepers in London and my country residence to work in the same way. How can you train them?

Our specialist tutors appreciate the need for consistency and continuity, and they will discuss your requirements with you through our Bespoke Training. They can visit both households and identify the needs of the household and the employer. Once workable systems have been established and are in place, your staff will work to your standards and requirements wherever they are, and you can relax, knowing that everything will run smoothly and efficiently.

I don't know which course to do, how do I choose?

Have a look through the explanations of our courses, and if you have any queries or wish to seek advice, then Contact Us and we will help and guide you.