London Academy Tutors

Who are the tutors?


The London Academy for Household Staff has a team of experienced specialist tutors who we use according to your training need. All are expert professionals, the "crème de la crème", hand-picked for their vast knowledge and experience of working in private service, be it on country estates, in royal palaces and ambassadorial residences in the UK and overseas, on super yachts or in luxury hotels. They are also excellent teachers, offering an insight into private service with interesting facts, figures and fun!

janeheadshotJane Urquhart has been working with clients and staff in private households since 1996, when she founded Greycoat Placements, and more recently Jane Urquhart Staffing Limited in 2010.

Jane has extensive knowledge and experience of all matters relating to private service and household management, having employed staff, and having worked as a housekeeper and cook herself. Jane is a qualified teacher and was Deputy Head of Tring School. She has travelled and taught extensively in her role as Principal of The London Academy for Household Staff, working in private households, palaces, chalets, villas and yachts in the UK, Europe, the US, the Middle East and the Far East. Jane prides herself on her personal involvement with all clients and staff, offering a personal service and true empathy. Her passion for her subject is evident in her dynamic and energetic teaching.


Belinda Hunt is the Vice Principal and Course Director of The London Academy for Household Staff. Working closely with a team of specialist tutors, she advises on, and arranges tailor-made training in private houses for staff whose skills and professionalism need developing. She also teaches one-to-one sessions for specific skill enhancement, and runs courses for Butlers and Housekeepers which take place regularly throughout the year. Belinda travels extensively around the UK and overseas to deliver this training. A qualified teacher and cook, who has employed staff as well as having done all the jobs herself, Belinda loves inspiring her students and making a difference to all the households that she works in.


Press and Media Enquiries

We are very happy to answer press, media or television enquiries, and will do our best to cooperate within our strict code of conduct; our absolute priority is to maintain confidentiality between ourselves and our clients, and we will  not pursue any publicity that may expose our clients or portray ourselves in anything other than a professional light.

Press Features

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My father often tells an anecdote about Lady Astor spotting that her butler was rather the worse for drink while serving at a dinner party attended by Neville Chamberlain. She called the butler over and scribbled a note, which read: “You’re drunk. Kindly leave the room.” She handed him the note. The butler smiled, bowed, and, placing the card on a silver salver, walked to the other end of the table and proceeded to hand the note to the Prime Minister, stopping him in mid-flow regaling the table with his latest meeting with Hitler. Read more .......

Press Features

Polishing is overrated
 Wood needs polishing only once a year (use natural beeswax rather than silicone polish). The rest of the time, simply buff it vigorously with a lint-free cloth. Remove sticky fingerprints with a drop of diluted white vinegar.


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